Update V.0.9003 – Hot fix plus some fixes

Hello Pioneers!

We are aware that new users are currently having problems starting the game, this was down to an issue with the login screen that we have found and fixed.

This means we are rolling out v.0.9003 a little earlier than we would like but we need to get this fixed so here is what this build contains:

Login fix for new users (sorry again!)

  • Fix for the sailing underwater bug that some Intel users receive.
  • Some extra graphics resolution fixes
  • Added extra mouse invert options
  • Added hot keys for map zoom (+ and -)
  • Added hot keys for swapping lines (Q and E)
  • Added hot key to show/hide UI (Ctrl + Shift + U)

Apologies to the new Sailaway players, this is not how we wanted our first impression to be!

Version 0.9.003 is available to download via Steam and your account page on this website (My Account – > My Products)


The Sailaway Team

Update V.0.9002 – A big thankyou and some bug fixes

Hello Pioneers!

The whole team has been thrilled with the response Sailaway has had so far, thank-you so much for joining us on this journey we really do appreciate all the feedback so far.

As you can imagine launching an online sailing simulator of this scale is no small feat and it would appear our server is taking quite a beating so we have had to optimise some things to reduce the strain a bit. The downside of this work is that the client size for the game is about to grow (to about 8 GB) as we have packaged up a certain amount of the map data and included it with the game. This will reduce some of the server load.

This update is rolling out now and it also fixes the following issues:
  • Fix for the resolution issue some people are experiencing, we hope anyway as we don’t have it our end to be able to confirm. Please let us know in the thread where this bug is reported if this is still an issue for you.
  • Fix for certain characters not displaying correctly in non-English languages, there might still be a few rouge ones left to catch though!

We are working through all the bug reports and feedback and will get things fixed up as soon as we can.

Note: The update is live for all users.

The Sailaway Team

One day to go

Today is April 24th 2017. One day before Sailaway becomes available to the public after 2 years of constant development.

Sailaway’s main ingredient is passion. It emerged from a passion for sailing and for sharing that experience. Sailaway isn’t just a collection of logic and data and physics. It has been written, changed, rewritten, redesigned and tweaked until it became a true sailing experience.

I hope that people will learn to sail, improve their skills, or just have fun on the water. But most of all I hope that people will catch the same fever that I have had since I was 10.

Richard Knol


We have a release date!

Greetings Pioneers,

We know everyone has been waiting patiently to hear when Sailaway will be playable and we are very pleased to announce that the game will go live on the 25th April, that’s less than 3 weeks to go!

The whole team is hard at work making sure the initial version we release is as good as it can be and we are looking forward to getting feedback from old and new players alike once it is your hands.

This means however that there isn’t long left to pre-order the game and claim your exclusive liveries if you haven’t already done so. This special version will be replaced once the game is released so this will be the only way to get these liveries, head over to https://www.sailawaysimulator.com/buy/ if you want to grab it while it’s still around!

We are looking forward to seeing you all in the big blue in a few weeks time!


The Sailaway Team