One day to go

Today is April 24th 2017. One day before Sailaway becomes available to the public after 2 years of constant development.

Sailaway’s main ingredient is passion. It emerged from a passion for sailing and for sharing that experience. Sailaway isn’t just a collection of logic and data and physics. It has been written, changed, rewritten, redesigned and tweaked until it became a true sailing experience.

I hope that people will learn to sail, improve their skills, or just have fun on the water. But most of all I hope that people will catch the same fever that I have had since I was 10.

Richard Knol



9 Responses to “One day to go”

  1. Hiren A

    I ordered this through greenmangaming a few weeks ago, under the impression i would get the pre-order benefit…sadly not. Would be good to know when i’ll recieve my key….
    Digital distribution is about the ability to download this game in the future, on what ever supported devices i want to….

  2. Its already the 25th here in New Zealand, time zones can be a pain when it comes to when games are released, it will unlock about 2-3am tomorrow morning. Still, looking forward to playing it. It’s good to know the game has been in development for 2 years already which should mean most of the current systems and gameplay hopefully will be stable upon release. Just don’t watch the clock people, tomorrow will come soon enough!

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