Update V.0.9002 – A big thankyou and some bug fixes

Hello Pioneers!

The whole team has been thrilled with the response Sailaway has had so far, thank-you so much for joining us on this journey we really do appreciate all the feedback so far.

As you can imagine launching an online sailing simulator of this scale is no small feat and it would appear our server is taking quite a beating so we have had to optimise some things to reduce the strain a bit. The downside of this work is that the client size for the game is about to grow (to about 8 GB) as we have packaged up a certain amount of the map data and included it with the game. This will reduce some of the server load.

This update is rolling out now and it also fixes the following issues:
  • Fix for the resolution issue some people are experiencing, we hope anyway as we don’t have it our end to be able to confirm. Please let us know in the thread where this bug is reported if this is still an issue for you.
  • Fix for certain characters not displaying correctly in non-English languages, there might still be a few rouge ones left to catch though!

We are working through all the bug reports and feedback and will get things fixed up as soon as we can.

Note: The update is live forĀ all users.

The Sailaway Team

11 Responses to “Update V.0.9002 – A big thankyou and some bug fixes”

  1. Joe Torcasio

    I can appreciate the fast response on your patch but can you give a closer time on the direct download patch please. Really keen to enjoy game on my home PC instead of having to stay at work on the Mac.

  2. Frank Black

    Ok, I am happy, that the Update is now available for non-steamers. But I am angry because I nearly finished my journey to Cuxhaven and can not start it again until I downloaded the Update which takes forever with my I-Net-Speed. Noooooooo!!!

    Just kidding. Thanks for the fast update!


  3. Still no update for those that brought the game on the official website store? an update came for the steam version last night. Can we have some info on ETA and how we go about getting the update? The My Products page doesn’t seem to indicate there is a new update which is where i expect we download the new update.

  4. Is it possible to have a torrent of this 3gb patch. My download is through Satellite and if there is any interruption I have to start over. Right now I am looking at a 1-2day download… DL’ing a torrent would make it infinitely easier.

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