Update V.0.9003 – Hot fix plus some fixes

Hello Pioneers!

We are aware that new users are currently having problems starting the game, this was down to an issue with the login screen that we have found and fixed.

This means we are rolling out v.0.9003 a little earlier than we would like but we need to get this fixed so here is what this build contains:

Login fix for new users (sorry again!)

  • Fix for the sailing underwater bug that some Intel users receive.
  • Some extra graphics resolution fixes
  • Added extra mouse invert options
  • Added hot keys for map zoom (+ and -)
  • Added hot keys for swapping lines (Q and E)
  • Added hot key to show/hide UI (Ctrl + Shift + U)

Apologies to the new Sailaway players, this is not how we wanted our first impression to be!

Version 0.9.003 is available to download via Steam and your account page on this website (My Account – > My Products)


The Sailaway Team


9 Responses to “Update V.0.9003 – Hot fix plus some fixes”

  1. Frank Black

    Thanks for the information.

    I have a great understanding, that this is early access and that those things can happen. No problem with that. But you should inform users simultaniously and with the same level. It is ok for me, that Steam is treated first (maybe because it is easier or whatsoever), but you should inform about that. If not it leaves some users with a bad feeling and it shouldn’t because Sailaway is a great game we all were waiting for.

    Notwithstanding the above, is it really necessary to download the full 3 GB again? Come on. I can’t believe that. I downloaded 3 GB yesterday over hours and now I have to do it AGAIN? Most of the data was map data. I don’t think this was broken, right?

    Ok. Wept enough. Keep on the great work with this game. But it would be nice considering some of the mentioned above.


  2. Peter Jamieson

    Will there be a V.0.9003 for mac users ? I am on a mac and cant start up the game. Yesterday it worked, but today there is no login screen. Anyway, great simulator !

  3. New builds are now available for both PC and Mac on your downloads page.

    As this is was a problem with the login screen it effected both new users and anyone on the non-Steam version, sadly the build size and testing required of the non-Steam version means that they take longer to get up to those users. Steam is far easier in that regard and results in smaller downloads for those users.

    We are discussing internally whether we should just move everyone over to the Steam version to speed up this whole process for everyone.

    Apologies for this disruption again, this was not an issue we were expecting.

    • Martin Foster

      I for one would be happy to migrate to Steam instead of direct download from the site if it’s possible to get patch updates instead of these large downloads. Great work btw – am really enjoying the game (Mac version). 🙂

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