Update V.0.9004 – More bugs fixed & some improvements!

Hello Pioneers!

What a week!
The feedback has been flooding in since we launched Sailaway last week and it’s hard to keep up with all wonderful ideas you all have, this is exactly why we wanted to release in Early Access.

Post launch work has been mostly about fixing as many bugs as we can but we have also squeezed in some little improvements.

Version 0.9004 is rolling out now and contains:

  • Fixed the issue where individual boat voyages were not loading correctly.
  • Fixed the wrong tool-tips being shown on the options menus.
  • Fixed the issue with the VMG and VMC values being inverted.
  • Fixed some missing localisation strings.
  • Fixed some sounds not being effected by the volume controls.
  • Replaced tutorial about planning voyages to try and make this feature clearer.
  • Removed ‘Start Practice Race’ and ‘Teleport to Start’ buttons from UI when being a member of someones crew.
  • Crew members should now be able to see race buoys on the map and in the world.
  • Improved the handling of multiple crew members using boat controls.
  • Added further Intel based fixes for the ‘underwater bug’.
  • Fixed issues with some Steam users not appearing in the online players list.
  • Muted channels now reappear when selecting them from the dropdown box.
  • Added player info to the boats on the map; hovering over a boat on the map will show the player name, boat name and home port. Clicking on this will show you their profile.
  • We have removed the external dependency we were using for land textures that led to them all turning white. Land textures are now controlled internally by the game while we improve this area of the game.

This update is live now for both Steam and non-Steam versions, Steam will automatically update your version and everyone else can grab the latest game client from the My Products section of your account.

Thanks for the continued support!

Happy Sailing,

The Sailaway Team


2 Responses to “Update V.0.9004 – More bugs fixed & some improvements!”

  1. McDonnell

    No luck with being able to look at the sails while trimming? It doesn’t seem like a major feature to code and would drastically improve immersion, gameplay and racing with crew…….

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