Patch V.0.9005 is now live!

Hello Pioneers!

We have a mixture of bug fixes and improvements for you this week. After taking part in the Back to Robinson’s Island race last week, we noticed that there were a couple of racing features that we could add to make it more fun to sail with a crew! Let us know what you think of these changes in the forums.

You can see the full list of changes in the patch notes below:


Patch V.0.9005


  • Fixed chat focus being lost when the helping hand is working.
  • Sun rays are now blocked by land masses.
  • Sun rays should now be a bit less blue.
  • Small fixes to tool tip and waypoint behaviour.
  • Improvements to the map to reduce the white map issue.



  • Improved buoy crossing detection.
  • When starting a race that allows offline sailing the game will now ask before replacing existing waypoints.
  • UI should now hide when you take a screenshot ingame.
  • Voyage waypoints are now auto-saved quicker.
  • Enhanced the water level computation algorithm which should make the boat less prone to dive underwater in heavy waves.


New features

  • Sailaway Dev Team members will show up with green text in the chat.
  • The map now shows all boats in a race regardless of them being online or offline.
  • Players now need to raise sails 5 minutes before the start of a race. This prevents players from cheating and getting a head start.
  • Added a Race chat channel for races, this chat is persistent so you can see what you have missed.
  • You can now mute a person from all channels by clicking the minus sign in their direct channel.

Thanks for the continued support!

Happy Sailing,

The Sailaway Team


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