Moving Sailaway to Steam

Hello Pioneers,

When we first decided to put Sailaway on sale we made the decision to both support the game via Steam and direct through a stand-alone installer so that we could cater for all potential customer types we might receive in the sailing and gaming world alike.

In theory this was a good plan but it has become apparent over the last couple of weeks that creating 2x PC and 2x Mac versions with every new release is both a lot of work and more importantly a slow process for anyone not on the Steam version.

Non-Steam users are all well aware of the frustration of having to download 3GB(PC)/8GB(MAC) versions each time we release a new version of the game, this current system is unwieldy for players and ourselves.  

Steam users however typically get automatic small updates of maybe a couple of megabytes due to how it only updates changed files, this is much faster for everyone involved and allows us to fix issues critical issues much faster.

So what does this mean? Well, after much discussion we have decided that it makes good sense to ask all players to move over to the Steam version of the game so that we can support and update everyone equally under one version of the game.

This means anyone that has so far purchased the non-Steam version of the game will be provided with a Steam key that will allow them to add the game to their Steam account and we are working to ensure that any current progress will be carried over once you start the game via Steam.

We need a bit of time to get all of this in place but thought you should know these plans ahead of time.

Steam has many great features outside of faster automatic updates, it also supports various community features such as sharing of screenshots, guides and has integrated forums that are all accessible while playing the game, if you haven’t taken a look already it is worth having a look at the Sailaway hub:

For any users who do not know what Steam is we would suggest you check it out at: and even maybe make a free account while you are there in preparation.  We will be providing a step-by-step guide on how you do this later so don’t worry if it doesn’t make sense to you right now.

As always your feedback is welcome, we know this could be a big change for some people so please do comment below with any thoughts.


The Sailaway Team


10 Responses to “Moving Sailaway to Steam”

  1. Frank Black

    I would highly appreciate to move to Steam due to the large downloads. Because I have a very slow internet-connection, this is definitely a disadvantage for me personally.

    When I bought the game on the website I thought, that there is maybe an advantage for you in some aspects (monetary??), but it seems, that it is better for you guys too, if we all move to Steam.

    So, I vote for Steam.

    Thanks for the great work.


  2. Anne Courtois

    I hate application servers and application virtualization. I strongly prefer code to run locally. And that is not to discuss security concerns. As for developpers, and/or an existing SDK, how feasible will it be to access core simulation data with Steam? I know nothing about Steam, as I am not a gamer per se. This bugs me at different levels but I will be a trooper and plough ahead, just to see what happens.

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