The Sailaway transition to Steam has begun

Hello Pioneers,

With today’s game update we have begun the transition previously mentioned to move all Sailaway players over to Steam.

We will be adding a Steam key to all existing accounts that have previously purchased Sailaway via this site and you will be able to find this in the My Products page of your account. Should you not see your Steam key here please contact the support team via the contact page and we will help.

For players that have never used Steam before you can find a guide on using it here:
his guide will explain how to install the Steam client, how to create a Steam account and how to redeem your Steam key.

Progress will be carried over to your Steam account, when you first login to the Steam version of the game you will see this screen:

Existing players need to use the login panel on the right hand side as this will link your current account progress with your Steam account.

If anyone encounters any issues with this process please get in contact with the support team and we will do our best to get any issues resolved as fast as we can.


The Sailaway Team


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