Update V.0.9006 – Improvements to the community features!

Hello Pioneers!

This week’s patch not only brings in Japanese language support but focuses on improving community features such as leader boards, chat and groups.

You can see the full list of changes in the patch notes below:

Patch V.0.9006

New features

  • Japanese Language is now a language option in Sailaway!
  • Added private/invite only groups so you can chat with your friends and invite them to your crew.
  • Added a function to invite someone to your private group (also to public groups but only the owner can do that)
  • You can now show your location to other sailors by typing \pos in the chat window. Your location will appear on the map.
  • Added persistent crew chat


  • Chat has been expanded with the ability to show off any badges you have received from completing challenges. In your profile you will notice a badge tab that allows you to customise what badge appears next to your name in chat, and will appear on your boat.
  • Sailaway will now inform all players via chat that a race is about to start
  • After reports of bad behaviour in the chat channel we have implemented a stronger swear filter. This has also been applied to boat naming and usernames. If you are repeatedly triggering the swear filter, you will be subject to a chat channel ban and the length of this ban will be increased with the number of violations.
  • Leaderboards are now shown in-game for past races plus challenges that have them.


  • Fixed chat focus being lost when the helping hand is working.

Thanks for the continued support!

Happy Sailing,
The Sailaway Team



2 Responses to “Update V.0.9006 – Improvements to the community features!”

  1. Edward M Beckett

    It so sad to see that there are people like to miss behave on the game its a cool game and yes most of us are grown ups so please guys like i always say when we work we work hard and when we play we play harder, may this game go forward and gain strength in support. Richard thank you and the team for a great game can’t wait for the catamaran’s Yes I did link myself to steam its a new world for me so i am also learning as I am going alone lol.

  2. Frank Black

    A big thank you to Richard. I love to see this game and its community growing and most of them are really really kind people. So thank you to you all people out there making this game a really big fun to play.


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