Update V0.9010 – The first wave of visual updates are now live!

Hello Pioneers,

Work has been ongoing over the last few weeks to start to polish up the visuals of Sailaway, this update starts to introduce some of that work while the rest continues development. It also has a whole bunch of bug fixes!


  • The boat camera is now upright when you orbit around the boat
  • The input fields in the ‘About me’ tab of the user profile have been merged into one field that allows more text.
  • The bow and stern spray particles have been improved
  • The shader for the underwater part of the hull has been improved
  • There is more nuance in the base sky color which makes the sky a deeper blue
  • A new lens flare for the sun and the moon
  • Clouds have more depth
  • Sea foam has been improved and made more random
  • The waves had a straight line of foam at their tips, which is now gone and more realistic
  • The shadow of the boat on the water has been improved
  • The irregular surface of the ocean is now constantly changing and more realistic
  • The normals of the water surface have been tweaked for a more realistic appearance
  • The video settings for Anti-Alias and Depth of Field have been separated


New Features:

  • New livery for the Mini Transat
  • All boats (except the Mini Transat) now have a configurable country flag at the stern
  • You can also place your nation’s flag in your sails in any size or shape you like
  • The camera will now automatically focus on what you are looking at (can be switched off in the Video settings)
  • Added a color correction filter that will make a bright day more vivid and will desaturate on cloudy days or at night (can be switched off in the Video settings)
  • The main menu has background music – Until now Sailaway has not had any soundtrack so this menu music is our first chance to get feedback from players on if they would like more music in the game, please let us know!


In addition to these improvements we have also fixed the following issues:

  • Crew members could not see the race buoys or participate in the race chat channel
  • Waves would make sudden jumps or drops every now and then (not 100% fixed yet, but a whole lot better)
  • Terrain beyond sky horizon was dark
  • The boat scale of the boat name on the cruiser was incorrect
  • Moon phases were incorrect
  • The name of the next tutorial was not localized
  • When changing sails in the trim tab the chat box will no longer open
  • The catamaran lines now have their sounds back!
  • Some tutorials had lost their localized text
  • The on-screen water droplets are now back!
  • On lower resolutions you could not scroll to the next page to select boats on the second page (which is why some people could not find the catamaran)
  • Sun lens flare was not always aligned with the sun
  • The shader that painted the boat name had incorrect lighting
  • You could see the water projected on some parts of the hull of the Cruiser and the Caribbean Rose
  • Lighthouses would sometimes appear high in the sky
  • The sea reflection camera had incorrect clear flags which would sometimes cause a part of the sea to have a black reflection

As always If you have a bug you’d like to report, please follow the guide for ‘how to report a bug’and post a new thread in the Bug Reporting Forum.

Happy sailing,

The Sailaway Team

2 Responses to “Update V0.9010 – The first wave of visual updates are now live!”

  1. When running the game in 4K on a 65 inch screen, the menu box and text in-game is so small it’s almost impossible to read, it’s also extremely difficult to use the map because it’s tiny. Can you allow for scaling up/enlarging in when playing in higher resolutions.

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