Sailaway Update V.0.9.016 – Racing marks hot fix

Hello Pioneers,

We know there have been some issues with passing marks in races for a while now and we have been trying to get to the bottom of the issue. This update has made some changes to the way passing race markers is detected so we are hopeful to see some improvements but only more race testing will tell.

Please report any feedback and bugs in the Bug Reporting Forum.

In addition, we would like to remind players that if they experience a crash during gameplay to please send us the log file that is generated before you start the game again as these files usually provide us the cause of the issue so we can fix it. Details of how to find this file can be found HERE
Please email this log file to

This update also fixes the Jib Furl not appearing in the Q/E line cycle of the 50′ Performance Cruiser.

Happy Sailing,

The Sailaway Team

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