Sailaway Update V.0.9.018 – Bug fixes for multi-crew issues

Hello Pioneers,

There have been some wonderfully detailed posts on issues found while trying to multi-crew a boat in Sailaway, these have enabled us to narrow down what is causing them and deploy some fixes. Thank you as always, we have a wonderful community.

This update makes the following changes/fixes:
  • When the boat owner logs off another member of the crew should now seize control of the boat faster.
  • Boats would continue to steer towards the heading set first but they should now update according to any subsequent adjustments from other crew members.
  • Teleporting a boat should no longer leave the crew behind at the previous position.
  • During a race marks should no longer only detect the owner of the boat, it should detect all crew members.
  • All crew members now get mentioned in chat announcements regarding that boat.
  • All crew members will now receive the badge for the race or challenge they are completing.
In addition to these multi-crew fixes we have also adjusted:
  • The previous boat speed restrictions in high wind have been revised.

Any kind of networking related issue is hard to track down so please do report back to us on the forums regarding multi-crew performance since this update.

If you have a bug you would like to report, please follow the guide for ‘How to report a bug’ and post a new thread in the Bug Reporting Forum.

Happy Sailing,

The Sailaway Team



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