Sailaway Update V.0.9.027 – More hot keys plus controller support!

Hello Pioneers,

Updates have been on the quiet side recently due to ongoing work getting the new game server up and running but this is coming along well and hopefully soon we can move everyone over to it.

In the meantime we have just added the following new features:

Extra Hot Keys

A much requested feature since we initially released key customisation was to add a key for every line on a boat, this is now the case so you should be able to assign your controls just as you like.

Controller Support

Along with the extra keys to customise, this menu also allows you to assign controller axis and buttons to various controls for the game.
We have tested this controller support with various controllers we have available but as ever please report any problems you may come across.

In addition, the team has been reviewing what is and isn’t achievable between now and the v1.0 launch of Sailaway and updated the roadmap accordingly, there is now a number of new features listed that we are aiming to implement before this launch.

As always If you have a bug you’d like to report, please follow the guide for ‘how to report a bug’and post a new thread in the Bug Reporting Forum.

Happy Sailing,

The Sailaway Team

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