Sailaway Update V.0.9.030 – More stats, more sail data and extra boat instances!

Hello Pioneers!

It has been great to see all the creations you have been sharing on our new Steam Workshop, we have been very impressed with the designs so far so keep up the good work!

Some of you may of noticed that others might not be seeing your creations (even though it looks fine on your own screen) and we have found the cause of this issue and fixed it with this update. However, livery creators will need to re-upload their designs again once they have this update for it to take effect, apologies for this but it should work as designed from this point.

This new update adds various layers of extra detail we have been wanting to make visible for a while now, hopefully it helps show the kind of things Sailaway is simulating.

More Statistics

The Activity tab in the User Profile has been replaced with a new Stats tab, this new tab contains lots of new information about your time in Sailaway. It includes things like:

  • Date you started in Sailaway.
  • Total miles sailed.
  • Max miles a day (when, where and with what boat).
  • Number of tutorials, challenges, races completed.
  • A selection of the above stats are also available on a per boat basis.

Please note that some of these statistics are new so will only start to track from when this update goes live. In the case of total miles sailed your existing miles are added to the new totals generated from each boat.

More Sailing Information

On the navigation panel you will see a new tab ‘Info’, this tab shows a range of data/information from the simulation. Such as:

  • Amount of windshadow
  • Force of the waves pushing the boat back/forward
  • Strength of weather helm
  • Heel in degrees
  • Nose dive degrees
  • Sideways drift
  • Current strength and direction
  • Number of trim adjustments made since being online
  • Time since you came online

Per Sail:

  • Curve depth
  • Sail curve pulled forward
  • Top closed/opened
  • Total efficiency of the sail
  • Sideways heel/drift force in the sail

Extra Boat Instances

With this update players will be able to add an extra instance of each of the boats currently available in Sailaway, this means you can now have 2 of each boats to use in separate activities.
To add an extra version of a boat visit the Boat menu and select the new option in the top right of this screen.

Improved Map Voyage Logs

The boat voyage log in the map has had a few improvements:

  • Longer history (was 62 days, now 2 years)
  • 2 entries per day + an entry when a waypoint is reached or a race buoy is rounded
  • Info panel when the mouse hovers over a log entry that displays:
    • Date and time of the entry
    • Position
    • True Wind Direction
    • True Wind Speed
    • Heading
    • Speed
    • Course Over Ground
    • Speed Over Ground

Other Fixes/Improvements

  • Navigation panel now resizes automatically when the screen resizes.
  • Fixed telltales sometimes flickering.
  • When uploading a texture that is bigger than 2MB an error message is now shown.
  • Added option to reset graphics settings on startup for people having issues with settings: LeftCtrl + LeftShift + C will delete all preferences and reset the graphics quality and resolution to the minimum settings.

As always If you have a bug you’d like to report, please follow the guide for ‘How to report a bug’and post a new thread in the Bug Reporting Forum.

Happy Sailing,

The Sailaway Team

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