Sailaway Update V1.0.09 – Sharing your voyages with ease!

Hello Pioneers!

Since our last update opened up challenges to everyone, there have been plenty created which has meant we needed to divide these up a bit better to make things easier to find. In addition, we have also made it possible to share voyages from your library with other sailors so if you have a good trip saved now is the time to share it with others!

This update includes the following fixes/improvements:

  • The Challenges menu is now split into Official, Long, Medium and Short challenges.
  • The Races menu is now split into Official (upcoming only), User Created (upcoming only) and Past Races.
  • Both the Challenge and Race menus now show the total distance of the course.
  • Both the Challenge, Race and Voyages menus now have a search box.
  • Saved voyages can now be shared; shared voyages will now appear in the Voyages menu under Activities.
  • Voyages will also show their total distance
  • The shader for the map and trim tab of the navigation window has been modified to support older versions of DirectX and OpenGL, this should allow older hardware to see the previous map update changes that were made.
  • Anchored boats should now stay in place.
  • Player created badges should now display properly on players boats.
  • Skill level preset has now been moved to its correct place under ‘Settings for all your boats’.
  • Adjusted the offline sailing routines so that online sailing is more worthwhile.

Work is ongoing on a new boat and we can’t wait to share some more details on this in the near future!

Happy Sailing,

The Sailaway Team


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