Sailaway v1.1.04 and World Editor v1.0.06

Hey Pioneers!

There have been a whole boat load of new fixes and improvements that have gone into both Sailaway and the World Editor.
We have also added a new voting system for edits made using the World Editor.

Sailaway v1.1.04
  • Added about 50,000 new buoys and lights from the OpenSeaMap database, including the ones that were registered as a building instead of a singlepoint node.
  • Yellow lights where imported from the OpenSeaMap database as white.
  • The height of the light beacons was previously incorrect.
  • Fixed glitches on the teak deck of the catamaran.
  • Toggling through the camera positions would skip the helmsman position.
  • Camera was not stable when a line was selected while sailing in tall waves.
  • World edits are now indicated with a white rectangle in the map.
  • World edits have an info panel that is accessible by pressing the white “i” in the map. The info panel offers the opportunity to contact the creator and/or report the edit.

World Editor v1.0.06
  • Deactivate function has been removed.
  • In World Edit list, the text “deactivated” is shown when an edit has been downvoted.
  • Deselecting an 3D object is now possible. When you add a new 3D object when nothing is selected it is possible to remove an OSM building without selecting a 3D model file.


Happy Sailing!

The Sailaway Team


9 Responses to “Sailaway v1.1.04 and World Editor v1.0.06”

  1. Coodwhaty

    I’m really happy to see improvements done to World Editor as I’m very interested in polishing and recreating some things that can’t be achived with just OSM data. I’m also very curious if there are any plans for lakes and rivers data? Maybe ability to add such things via editor?

    • Richard Knol

      Sailaway was designed to be a simulator for ocean sailing. For a long time the land only served as a reference and was not designed to be very good looking. Nor was this possible with the available resources. I would be very happy if in time some of the coasts would improve further. Although lakes and rivers can be edited in the landscape and buildings and bridges can be added, it would be a huge effort. Also, don’t forget that the water in Sailaway is still at mean sealevel. Going up a river will not raise it and eventually the height difference between the terrain and the water will become unnatural.

  2. Luiz Paiva

    Hello guys. You have gone through the problem of precisely simulating stars, sun and moon movements in the sky. Why did you overlook the sextant??? Having all this is not really relevant without having a way to navigate in the old fashion way. Any chance to add any function that would only tell the angle of a given celestial body in respect to the horizon? You don’t even have to bother giving a sextant… just a right click on the stars and the angle is given (degress, minute and decimal of minute, please).

  3. Hi developers, I ´d like to make some areas a little bit more realistic with the editor. In many regions i find preexisting buildings in the water , e.g. in the harbour of helgoland /northsea. Is there a way to remove or move those false placed building out of the water ?

    • Richard Knol

      Hi Uli, The buildings that end up in the water are a result of the scaled perspective that Sailaway uses to fit a 50km view distance in a game environment. There is a version of Sailaway and the Editor in the making that uses a new and continuous scaling algorithm for the terrain and for the buildings. That way they should always be in the exact location that was assigned to them in OpenStreetMap. Deleting buildings would be a lot of work for a problem that is going to be fixed anyway.

  4. Thanks for your replay. One more question. I think if it is possible to simulate the tides (ebb and flow) for a region (e.g. german bight) by changing the terrain level in regulary intervals, lets say every 1 hour using a script to automate the process on the base of tide forecasts. I ´d like to test this starting with a very small area. Do you think this might be a way to make sailaway even more interesting in those regions with heavily changing water depth ?

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