Sailaway Multiplayer In Depth

Multiplayer games require communication to inform each client of the position of other players. For Sailaway the communication involves also heel, dive, heading, course over ground, speed, speed over ground, state of mainsheet traveler, state of canting keel, state of foils and for each sail the angle, and 3 shape parameters. For multi-crewed boats all …Continue reading

Sailaway v1.1.04 and World Editor v1.0.06

Hey Pioneers! There have been a whole boat load of new fixes and improvements that have gone into both Sailaway and the World Editor. We have also added a new voting system for edits made using the World Editor. Sailaway v1.1.04 Added about 50,000 new buoys and lights from the OpenSeaMap database, including the ones …Continue reading

Adding a Lighthouse

To test the new World Builder tools for Sailaway, I took it on me to create a worthy replica of the famous Fastnet rock complete with it’s lighthouse. These World Builder tools will be part of the upcoming release of Sailaway and will be available for all. Once published, the edits made with this tool …Continue reading

Sailaway Update V1.0.12 – A new boat and some fixes!

Hey Pioneers! It’s been awhile but hopefully what I have to share today is worth the wait. First off, big news, it’s a new boat! A beautiful 32′ Offshore Racer with hydrofoils, inspired by the Figaro Beneteau 3.  We’ve also fixed a boatload of bugs and as some you may already noted we’ve made a change …Continue reading

World Editing

Ideally the Sailaway world would be an exact copy of the real world, with the same water depths, the same landscape and the same buildings and vegetation. Of course this is impossible. The world is simply too big, the Sailaway Team is simply too small, and the available information is simply too scarce. We’ve decided …Continue reading

Sailaway Update V1.0.09 – Sharing your voyages with ease!

Hello Pioneers! Since our last update opened up challenges to everyone, there have been plenty created which has meant we needed to divide these up a bit better to make things easier to find. In addition, we have also made it possible to share voyages from your library with other sailors so if you have …Continue reading

Selecting trim lines

The internal routines that allow the user to select a trim line have recently been rewritten in version 1.0.07. This article describes how it works now. How hard can it be to click on something with your mouse right? This is done in every website or game. Clicking on buttons, clicking on items. Easy, out …Continue reading

Fast and smooth maps

Many of you may remember how the map would sometimes take a while to load or leave a white area while you were zooming and panning around. This was due to a series of downloads, data handling and image processing in a large number of simultaneous worker threads. One of the extra complexities was the …Continue reading

Sailaway Update V1.0.06 – Some more fixes and improvements

Hello Pioneers! There has been a few small hot fixes silently deployed since we released v.1.0 of Sailaway and we have just released another one to tidy up some issues that have been reported since. This update includes the following fixes/improvements: When loading a boat that had the auto navigation set to “follow the laid …Continue reading

Weekly Races – Landmarks!

Hello Pioneers, To celebrate the end of early access and addition of some iconic landmarks, we’ve designed three races to make the most of them! Note: All race descriptions start with this in game: “We’re celebrating leaving Early Access by revisiting our most popular long races with limited edition badges.   Sydney Harbour Short Race …Continue reading