Development Roadmap

Sailaway is a huge project with a small team but with help from its community we are determined to make the best sailing simulator there is!

During early access it is important to us that we share what we can about features we have in mind or are currently working on, this page will give the community a high-level snapshot of what we are working on and when it is completed.   This roadmap combined with updates on our FORUM and BLOG should help keep players as updated as possible on our journey to the full release.

Please keep in mind that items on this list may not make it into v1.0 of Sailaway if they cannot be completed in time and may need to wait for later updates, there will also be smaller features and improvements that make it to the game that might not get listed here.

Builds that include critical bug fixes will be released more regularly than builds with major feature additions.


Last update: 27th February 2018



Feature Status Notes
More Tutorials Complete All currently planned tutorials are implemented.
More Boats Complete The Nordic Folkboat is now live.
More Boat Customisation Complete Steam Workshop support to allow players to create and share customised boat liveries.
Extra Boat Instance Complete You can now have 2 of each boat available in the simulator.
More Challenges Complete With 2 additional challenges now added our total for release has now been hit.

World Improvements

Feature Status Notes
Improved Visuals Complete Improvements have been made, if further ones are needed they will be listed separately.
Bring sea-life to the ocean Complete Some of this sea-life is already implemented (seagulls, dolphins & whales), we would like to add more at some point.
Improved Audio Complete Various audio has been upgraded.
Music Complete Music has now arrived to the game!
Improved Height Map Data In Development Work to the US coast lines is now complete. Once we can get hold of charts for the rest of the world we can start on those.
Navigational Lights Complete Navigation lights are part of the game.
Day / Night shown on map Complete Show day/night on the map based on the real time in these locations
Tides Awaiting Development Can we add tidal data to the world? We are exploring if this is possible.
Ports In Development We are exploring options to start populating parts of the world with ports to sail to. Please be aware this is a huge task and is going to take time.
Terrain Visual Improvements Complete Terrain now has closer to real-life textures!

Community Features

Feature Status Notes
Steam Achievements Complete Steam achievements are now live!
Player Created Races Complete Player Created Races are now available for creation by all players.
Leaderboards Complete Leaderboard data is now displayed in game!
Player Rewards Complete Players can now receive badges as rewards for certain events that display on their profile and boat.
Player Profile Update Complete Improved statistics are now available.
Racing Teams Complete Player created teams are now live. Create a shared team and race together!

Other Improvements

Feature Status Notes
Controller Support Complete Controller support is now enabled in the simulator.
More Hotkeys Complete Most keys in the simulator can now be customised.
Waypoint Improvements Complete Voyages can be saved and loaded, and hotkeys added for some waypoint options.
New Server Complete The new server is up and running, it is being monitored closely.
UI Polish Complete Work has been ongoing on fixing functional UI issues.
General Polish Complete Known/reported issues have been squashed, and will continue to be so.
Improved Journey Logs Complete More detail is stored on the map about the voyage you are taking.
More Sail Data Complete The extra sail tab is complete, providing more information about the things Sailaway is simulating.
Track IR Awaiting Development We know people want Track IR support and we are looking into supporting this.