What is Steam and why do I need it to play Sailaway?

Steam is a digital distribution platform for games and software that allows players and developers alike to take advantage of helpful features such as integrated community hubs and automatic updates.

Sailaway is hosted on Steam because it enables us to provide faster automatic updates for all our players.


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How to install the Steam client


1. Visit and select ‘Install Steam Now’ if you are a Windows user, or click the Mac option below this if you are a Mac user.

2. Download the installer and once the download is complete run/open the file and follow the on-screen instructions to install the Steam client to your machine.


3. Once the Steam client install has been completed it will start up and you will be presented with this screen so you can either login or create a new Steam account:


How to create a free Steam account


1. Start the Steam client and click CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT…


2. On the next screen click CREATE NEW ACCOUNT


3. Read through the information on Steam account usage and then click NEXT >


4. Please review the Steam Subscriber Agreement and then click I AGREE


5. Review the Steam Privacy Policy and then click I AGREE


6. Please enter your preferred ‘Account Name’ (Steam will let you know if your choice is already in use) and the enter and confirm your choice of password, once this is done then click NEXT >


7. Please now enter and confirm the email address you would like to use for this Steam account, then click NEXT >


8. Once Steam has successfully created your account it will display the details you chose during creation, you can print them to keep them safe. Click NEXT >


9. Review the information about the Steam client and then click FINISH to complete the account creation.


How to activate, download and play Sailaway via Steam


1. At the main Steam client window on the STORE tab:


Click + ADD A GAME… in the lower left hand corner and then click Activate a Product on Steam…


2. Click NEXT > to continue


3. Please review the Steam Subscriber Agreement and then click I AGREE


4. Enter the Steam key you received when purchasing Sailaway (if possible, use copy and paste to avoid typing mistakes) and then click NEXT >


5. Your Steam key will now activate on your account, if you wish to keep a record of this click PRINT RECEIPT and then click NEXT >


6. Steam will then assume you wish to install Sailaway, you can select to create shortcuts (recommended) and where you would like it installed. Click NEXT > when you are happy with your selections


7. Steam will then begin to download Sailaway to your machine and automatically take you to the next screen


8. Click FINISH to complete the activation progress.


How to play Sailaway via Steam


Once Sailaway has downloaded and installed you can start it via your Steam Library of games by selecting the game and clicking PLAY



If you previously purchased Sailaway from this website and were on the non-Steam version of the game you will need to link this account with the Steam version of the game so that your progress transfers.

1. Your Steam key has been added to your account, visit My Account and you will see this key listed in the My Products section of your account.

2. Once you have Installed Steam you will need to Create your Steam account and Redeem this key.


3. When you start Sailaway on Steam for the first time you will see this login screen, existing players of the non-Steam version of the game need to use the right hand side login by providing the account details you usually use to enter the game.

This will then link your current progress to your new Steam account, if you have any problems with this process please contact support via the contact page.