The exclusive pre-order items and a big thanks!

Hello Pioneers!

We have been blown away by the support Sailaway has received so far since our public announcement to the world last week and it really does mean a lot to the whole Sailaway Team to have people so excited to play the game so a big thankyou to everyone that has pre-ordered the game and got involved with the new site so far.

The whole team is now busy hard at work creating content for the game and polishing it all up ready for when we launch into early access next month, we will keep you updated as we go.

For anyone who hasn’t yet clicked that pre-order button we wanted to quickly explain what doing so before release gets you (apart from our eternal gratitude!) Pre-ordering Sailaway direct from our site not only means more of that money comes straight to the team but it also gives you 3 exclusive boat liveries for the 38′ Cruiser when the game goes live. These 3 liveries will only be available to people pre-ordering the game directly from us!

These liveries are:

A lovely Sailaway themed boat!

A dashing coral and blue themed boat!

A sporty green crossed boat!

Names for the latter 2 liveries are still being decided, if you have a good name for them both feel free to let us know via the comments below or via our forum.

Remember the only way to get your hands on these in the game will be if you pre-order Sailaway from this site before the game goes live next month, if you haven’t yet clicked that buy button head over to the store right now:

Thanks again,

The Sailaway Team



3 Responses to “The exclusive pre-order items and a big thanks!”

  1. This sounds good. I have a couple of questions regarding this.

    If we buy the game from your store, will the game have a launcher that can check for an update and download the update? this would be way better than having to go to the website and download a new update and also knowing your game is up to date when you launch it.

    I also suggest on the launcher, the ability to change graphic settings also (some games require a restart to implement changes, so being able to do so in a launch is more convenient, and having clickable links to the blog and forum from the launcher and perhaps also a link to a post about a new update, so we can read about the details on the browser while it downloads update).

    This other question since you mentioned the liveries are yet to be named made me think of this suggestion too, what about players who pre-order being able to name their boat, which will display on the side. Either this is a feature all players can have, or exclusively for those who pre-order. This could be a nice thankyou and wouldn’t cost you much time to implement, especially when playing MP. However it is possibly boat naming is already in?

  2. Hi Daza,
    Thanks for the suggestions!

    The launcher is obviously an ideal thing to have but would require some work so that will likely be a bit later down the line, downloads via the site until then although its a pretty small download.

    Thankfully Sailaway does not currently require any restarts to handle graphics changes.

    Sailaway already includes the options to name your boat by default for all users 🙂


  3. I second the launcher idea. It’s highly convenient and consolidates several desirable features up front (news, updates, user config, etc).

    Thanks so much for all y’all’ve done! I’ve been wanting a game like this forever! I can’t wait until the Steam launch! I’ll be buying it for myself and my friends. 😉

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