Sailaway Update V.1.0 – Sailing out of Early Access

Hello Pioneers!

10 months ago we released Sailaway into Early Access so that we could spend some time improving the simulator while allowing people to play and provide feedback at the same time.

The response during this time has been great, many of the suggestions that were requested have been implemented and we have plenty more of them on our wishlist that we hope to get to one day.

Version 1.0 of Sailaway doesn’t mean we are finished with development, it just means we have reached a place where we feel the feature set means it is ready to no longer be classed as Early Access.

Thanks to everyone that has provided feedback and support so far, we hope you continue to do the same as we move forward into this next chapter of Sailaway’s development.

v.1.0 Patch Notes

Improved Terrain Textures
We have been wanting to improve the textures for land in Sailaway for a long time and we know it has been a much requested feature by lots of our players so it is great to finally be able to roll out this improvement as we hit 1.0.

In addition to adding textures to the terrain in Sailaway we have also started to populate it with buildings by syncing with data provided by OpenStreetMap. While this data is not yet 100% complete for the entire planet it does start to fill out the most popular areas where data exists and as their data improves so does ours.

We have started to manually place some iconic landmarks, such things as the Statue of Liberty, the Golden Gate Bridge and the Sydney Opera House are now all visible. We hope to add to this list as suitable models become available.

Improvements/Bug Fixes

  • Improved the water level in the Great Lakes.
  • Improved water levels around Sydney Harbour, Melbourne and Dutch coast.
  • 2 new challenges have been added.
  • New Landmarks: Statue of Liberty, Golden Gate Bridge, Sydney Opera
  • House, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Transamerica Pyramid, Freedom Tower.
  • Boat speed is now 0 when anchored.
  • Distant lighthouses are no longer rendered white.
  • Distant buoys appeared to float on a layer of fog
  • Improved handling of some back-end data to reduce possible freezes.
  • On and Offline boats are now a different colour on the map.
  • Fixed various Japanese related localisation issues.
  • Various world map graphical fixes.
  • The race course will now show for all Race Team crew members.
  • Added check to new user email entry to catch possible email mismatch.
  • Further minor hotkey fixes.
  • Fixed certain achievements not unlocking.

If you have a bug you’d like to report, please follow the guide for ‘How to report a bug’ and post a new thread in the Bug Reporting Forum.

With Sailaway’s exit from Early Access we expect new sailors to be starting to take their first steps into the world of sailing, we hope you will all make them feel welcome!

Happy Sailing,

The Sailaway Team


Sailaway is leaving early access next week!

Hello Pioneers!

We’re excited to announce that Sailaway: The Sailing Simulator, will leave Early Access on February 27th – that’s this time next week!

The short run in Early Access allowed for major additions to be tested, balanced and tweaked before official launch and your help has been instrumental in this. Thank you all for the input and support!

During Early Access we have implemented a variety of new boats including a Nordic Folkboat, a 50-foot Performance Cruiser and even a Catamaran. Captains are also now able to customise their boats and create their own liveries in Steam Workshop, share their location between players, utilise private group chat and persistent crew chat and track their success with Steam Achievements.

We’ve also been working hard on some of the most requested features: Land textures and landmarks. Here is an early look:

For those of you wondering what we’d implemented during Early Access…

Here is the BIG list of changes to Sailaway during Early Access

New Boats

  • Addition of Nordic Folkboat
  • Addition of 50ft Performance Cruiser
  • Addition of Catamaran

Boat Customisation

  • Workshop access for players to create their own liveries
  • Livery customisation packs

Multiplayer Features

  • Fixes to the multicrew system
  • Addition of player created races
  • Addition of private chat groups and persistent crew chat
  • Location sharing between players
  • Addition of player information on boats
  • Performance improvements to allow large numbers of boats without crashes
  • Race Teams – Players can create and run their own teams for races.
  • Player badges for race completion

Sailing and navigation

  • Navigational lights added to the boats
  • More buoys, lighthouses and markers
  • Wave surfing simulation
  • Wind shadow simulation
  • Voyage management
  • Day/night indicator added to the map
  • Continuous improvements to ocean height map data
  • Extra visibility (actual numbers) of what the simulation is simulating.

Environmental Improvements

  • More ambient sounds
  • Increased real-time weather accuracy
  • Wildlife added to the oceans – Birds, Dolphins, Whales
  • Horizon improvements
  • Gameplay music and new audio
  • Improvements to visual elements such as shading and textures
  • Improvements to US map data


  • Addition of extra Hotkeys
  • Addition of controller support
  • Ability to view sails while accessing trim options
  • New tutorials
  • Addition of Japanese language options


  • Addition of Steam achievements
  • Improved player statistic tracking on profiles


Development will continue after we end our Early Access period as we are committed to making Sailaway the best Sailing Simulator it can be.

Let us know what you think in the comments and come join us on Twitter or Facebook for updates!

Happy Sailing,

The Sailaway Team

Development Update – Steam Workshop and a new boat in progress!

Hello Pioneers,

Today we have a development update for you.

We wanted to share early work on the model for the brand new boat that is currently being worked on, this boat will be smaller and easier to learn to sail in and will make it an excellent choice for those of you new to the game and those mentoring new players. The design is inspired by the Nordic Folkboat which was first built in Gothenburg, Sweden in 1942 and quickly became popular for long distance sailing due to its affordability and seaworthiness.

Click to enlarge

Work is also being done to integrate Steam Workshop into Sailaway! You will be able to upload and share your own designs for sails and liveries as well as use those shared by others. Both of these updates will be coming early in 2018!

We hope that you all have a fantastic festive period! Merry Christmas and a happy New Year from all of us on the Sailaway team!

Happy Sailing!

The Sailaway Team

P.S. As the team will be away for the holidays, there will be no weekend races for the last weekend of 2017. Make sure to check out the community races if you’re looking for a challenge!

Unifying our forums

Hello Pioneers,

Sometime in the near future we will be making the Steam forums the only forums available to discuss the game and get feedback from the team. Running two separate forums makes life far more complicated than it should be and is leading to things getting missed or double information getting posted, having a single place for all this information should make the communication process between the Sailaway team and you (the players) far easier.

With everyone using Steam to play the game it makes sense to use the Steam forums, they also have less issues with spam and allow us much better moderation tools.

Apologies if this causes anyone any issues, please let us know in the comments below if it does.

The Sailaway Team

The Sailaway transition to Steam has begun

Hello Pioneers,

With today’s game update we have begun the transition previously mentioned to move all Sailaway players over to Steam.

We will be adding a Steam key to all existing accounts that have previously purchased Sailaway via this site and you will be able to find this in the My Products page of your account. Should you not see your Steam key here please contact the support team via the contact page and we will help.

For players that have never used Steam before you can find a guide on using it here:
his guide will explain how to install the Steam client, how to create a Steam account and how to redeem your Steam key.

Progress will be carried over to your Steam account, when you first login to the Steam version of the game you will see this screen:

Existing players need to use the login panel on the right hand side as this will link your current account progress with your Steam account.

If anyone encounters any issues with this process please get in contact with the support team and we will do our best to get any issues resolved as fast as we can.


The Sailaway Team

We have a release date!

Greetings Pioneers,

We know everyone has been waiting patiently to hear when Sailaway will be playable and we are very pleased to announce that the game will go live on the 25th April, that’s less than 3 weeks to go!

The whole team is hard at work making sure the initial version we release is as good as it can be and we are looking forward to getting feedback from old and new players alike once it is your hands.

This means however that there isn’t long left to pre-order the game and claim your exclusive liveries if you haven’t already done so. This special version will be replaced once the game is released so this will be the only way to get these liveries, head over to if you want to grab it while it’s still around!

We are looking forward to seeing you all in the big blue in a few weeks time!


The Sailaway Team

The exclusive pre-order items and a big thanks!

Hello Pioneers!

We have been blown away by the support Sailaway has received so far since our public announcement to the world last week and it really does mean a lot to the whole Sailaway Team to have people so excited to play the game so a big thankyou to everyone that has pre-ordered the game and got involved with the new site so far.

The whole team is now busy hard at work creating content for the game and polishing it all up ready for when we launch into early access next month, we will keep you updated as we go.

For anyone who hasn’t yet clicked that pre-order button we wanted to quickly explain what doing so before release gets you (apart from our eternal gratitude!) Pre-ordering Sailaway direct from our site not only means more of that money comes straight to the team but it also gives you 3 exclusive boat liveries for the 38′ Cruiser when the game goes live. These 3 liveries will only be available to people pre-ordering the game directly from us!

These liveries are:

A lovely Sailaway themed boat!

A dashing coral and blue themed boat!

A sporty green crossed boat!

Names for the latter 2 liveries are still being decided, if you have a good name for them both feel free to let us know via the comments below or via our forum.

Remember the only way to get your hands on these in the game will be if you pre-order Sailaway from this site before the game goes live next month, if you haven’t yet clicked that buy button head over to the store right now:

Thanks again,

The Sailaway Team


The new home of Sailaway!

Welcome Pioneers to the new home of Sailaway!

There has been alot of good changes to the world of Sailaway over the last few months and we are excited to finally be able to talk about them more.

First up is we have a new look, you have probably already noticed this but we have a new logo:

This new logo ties into an update that carries on throughout everything Sailaway related, you will see more of this new look when you get your hands on the release version of the game, we hope you like it as much we do!

Behind the scenes we have been working hard by adding content and improving many areas of the game, this includes improving the server that the game runs from. We can’t wait for you all to get your hands on these updates.


We mentioned a little while back that we had partnered with someone to help make Sailaway the game we always believed it deserved to be, that partner is an independent publisher called The Irregular Corporation and they have since become an extended part of the Sailaway family who are working closely with the development team to ensure everything is as good as it can be!

There will be plenty of updates to come so make sure you are signed up to our newsletter and head over to our new forums to make yourself known to the Sailaway community.

An exciting voyage is ahead!

Team Sailaway