Unifying our forums

Hello Pioneers,

Sometime in the near future we will be making the Steam forums the only forums available to discuss the game and get feedback from the team. Running two separate forums makes life far more complicated than it should be and is leading to things getting missed or double information getting posted, having a single place for all this information should make the communication process between the Sailaway team and you (the players) far easier.

With everyone using Steam to play the game it makes sense to use the Steam forums, they also have less issues with spam and allow us much better moderation tools.

Apologies if this causes anyone any issues, please let us know in the comments below if it does.

The Sailaway Team

Sailaway Update V.0.9.012 – New Liveries!

Hello Pioneers,

In this weeks update we’ve got some new Liveries for you as well as some new features! This patch also addressees some of the issues you may have reported recently.

New Liveries!

6 new liveries have been added to the game that can be used on the Cruiser, Mini-Transat & Catamaran.

These liveries can be applied via: Main Menu > Boat > Edit boat appearance > Select Customization Pack. Here’s a preview:

New Features

Navigation Lights
These have been a highly requested feature for a while now so we are pleased to announce they are now available!  They will automatically turn on at night.

User Created Races
In the Races menu there is now an option to show races created by players, we have had lots of volunteers (thank you!) to help us test creation of these and invites will be going out as soon as we have completed work on the back end to support them. Races these testers create will appear in this new area.

Telltale Customisation
You can now adjust the color of the telltales on your sails.

Bug Fixes

  • Sheets are now automatically pulled in beginner mode
  • Main sail was too transparent on the Cruiser
  • Some hotkey names were incorrect
  • Hotkeys were interfering with certain text input fields
  • Deck and cabin are no longer too ‘glossy’ when using a dark colour


Known Issues we are currently working on:

  • Race Buoys not appearing and race times glitching (we suspect these are linked)
  • Issue where other boats in your fleet sometimes stop sailing while you are online

If you have a bug you’d like to report, please follow the guide for ‘how to report a bug’ and post a new thread in the Bug Reporting Forum.

Happy Sailing,

The Sailaway Team


Update V.0.9011 – Bug fixes and a call out for budding race makers

Hello Pioneers,

In this weeks update we’ve focused on bug fixes! This patch addressees some of the issues you may have reported recently.

We need testers

Some of you may have seen the latest community race we announced earlier today. We’d love for you to be able to create and share your own Sailaway races in-game, so we’re working to expand race-making options!

To do that we require a number of budding race creators to help us test our race creation tools! If you are interested in testing these new features for us, please let us know but completing this short Google Form. We only need a handful of testers so not all applications will be successful.

Patch V.0.9011

New Features
Hot Key customisation has been enabled in this patch but is still a work in progress. You can find this in Options > Gameplay. Let us know what you think!


Bug Fixes

  • Water droplets now cover the whole screen for wide screen users
  • Fixed the issue where boat hulls became transparent in certain situations
  • Improved saving of boat customisations
  • Fixed the issue where boat/port names copied onto other boats
  • Adjusted lights on lighthouses and buoys
  • Catamaran windows no longer overlap the water
  • Fixed US flag colours
  • Added ‘Red Ensign’ UK flag
  • Various improvements to stop various reported game crashes

If you have a bug you’d like to report, please follow the guide for ‘how to report a bug’ and post a new thread in the Bug Reporting Forum.

Happy Sailing,

The Sailaway Team


Update V0.9010 – The first wave of visual updates are now live!

Hello Pioneers,

Work has been ongoing over the last few weeks to start to polish up the visuals of Sailaway, this update starts to introduce some of that work while the rest continues development. It also has a whole bunch of bug fixes!


  • The boat camera is now upright when you orbit around the boat
  • The input fields in the ‘About me’ tab of the user profile have been merged into one field that allows more text.
  • The bow and stern spray particles have been improved
  • The shader for the underwater part of the hull has been improved
  • There is more nuance in the base sky color which makes the sky a deeper blue
  • A new lens flare for the sun and the moon
  • Clouds have more depth
  • Sea foam has been improved and made more random
  • The waves had a straight line of foam at their tips, which is now gone and more realistic
  • The shadow of the boat on the water has been improved
  • The irregular surface of the ocean is now constantly changing and more realistic
  • The normals of the water surface have been tweaked for a more realistic appearance
  • The video settings for Anti-Alias and Depth of Field have been separated


New Features:

  • New livery for the Mini Transat
  • All boats (except the Mini Transat) now have a configurable country flag at the stern
  • You can also place your nation’s flag in your sails in any size or shape you like
  • The camera will now automatically focus on what you are looking at (can be switched off in the Video settings)
  • Added a color correction filter that will make a bright day more vivid and will desaturate on cloudy days or at night (can be switched off in the Video settings)
  • The main menu has background music – Until now Sailaway has not had any soundtrack so this menu music is our first chance to get feedback from players on if they would like more music in the game, please let us know!


In addition to these improvements we have also fixed the following issues:

  • Crew members could not see the race buoys or participate in the race chat channel
  • Waves would make sudden jumps or drops every now and then (not 100% fixed yet, but a whole lot better)
  • Terrain beyond sky horizon was dark
  • The boat scale of the boat name on the cruiser was incorrect
  • Moon phases were incorrect
  • The name of the next tutorial was not localized
  • When changing sails in the trim tab the chat box will no longer open
  • The catamaran lines now have their sounds back!
  • Some tutorials had lost their localized text
  • The on-screen water droplets are now back!
  • On lower resolutions you could not scroll to the next page to select boats on the second page (which is why some people could not find the catamaran)
  • Sun lens flare was not always aligned with the sun
  • The shader that painted the boat name had incorrect lighting
  • You could see the water projected on some parts of the hull of the Cruiser and the Caribbean Rose
  • Lighthouses would sometimes appear high in the sky
  • The sea reflection camera had incorrect clear flags which would sometimes cause a part of the sea to have a black reflection

As always If you have a bug you’d like to report, please follow the guide for ‘how to report a bug’and post a new thread in the Bug Reporting Forum.

Happy sailing,

The Sailaway Team

Update V.0.9008 – Surfing waves and wind shadows

Hello Pioneers,

In this weeks update we have rolled out some exciting improvements around sailing itself which will give sailors more to think about when racing in this weekends events!
In case you missed the announcement, here are this weekend’s races: https://www.sailawaysimulator.com/2017/06/07/weekend-races-race-around-beautiful-island-bermuda-18-hour-long-race/

Patch V.0.9008

New Features

Surfing Waves
Waves can now be used to increase (and decrease) your boats speed! Your boats speed is now affected by the size of the waves so you are able to ‘surf’ down waves to gain more momentum.

Wind Shadow
We have added wind shadow to Sailaway so smart sailors can use this to steal wind from others to get the advantage, this is an important feature of real world sailing so we are excited to see it being used in the game.

Players will be aware they are being affected by this technique by the relevant dials going from their normal colour to orange, and then red when it is at its strongest.

Ongoing Race Leaderboard
During a race there is now a leaderboard that displays current positions so you can see how you are doing compared to others in the race.

Other Additions

  • Your local time is now shown.
  • A persistent chat channel has been added for challenges which should help communication during the long challenges like the ‘Bering Hardship’.

Thanks to the logs that many of you sent in regarding the crashes you experienced in last weekends races we believe we have fixed the memory error that was causing them.

If anyone still experiences a crash after this update could you please send us your log file, you can find this by following these instructions:

Where possible, please send an output log from Sailaway immediately after an error occurs, and before you reload Sailaway to play again. Otherwise, the error log will get overwritten and will not have the error information to help us find the source of your problem.

Here’s how to do this on PC:

  • Right click on Sailaway from your Steam Library
  • Select Properties from the drop down menu
  • Select Local Files tab and click on “Browse Local Files…”
  • Open the Sailaway_Data folder and locate the text file called “output_log.txt”

…and on Mac:

  • Open a Finder window
  • On the Menu bar, go to Go > Go to Folder
  • In the dialog that comes up, put in “~/Library/Logs/Unity/” and click Go
  • Locate the “Player.log” file in that folder

Please send this log file to support@sailawaysimulator.com and let us know what was happening on-screen when you crashed.
Thanks for the continued support!

If you have a bug you’d like to report, please follow the guide for ‘how to report a bug’ and post a new thread in the Bug Reporting Forum.

Happy Sailing,

The Sailaway Team

Update V.0.9007 – New Voyage Management Options!

Hello Pioneers!

Here are this week’s patch notes. The main focus of this patch, as the title suggests, is voyage management. Do let us know what you think of the new features! You can see the full list of changes in the patch notes below.

Also, a quick thank you to everyone who has taken part in our weekend races so far! There will be more announced tomorrow.

Thanks to Kiwi Mace for the Koh Samui Long Race footage below!

Patch V.0.9007

New Features
New Voyage Management

  • You can now manually toggle waypoints as complete on a voyage by clicking the little dot that appears next to them.
  • You can lock your laid out voyage on the map so that it can’t be accidentally dragged when scrolling the map
  • Voyages can now be saved to the new voyages menu that allows you store and manage your trips.

Here’s a look a the new voyage buttons on the map:

Other Additions

  • A new tutorial called Telltales – This tutorial explains what the “little flapping things”on your sail are for.
  • Players can now view their sails while trimming by using the Q/E keys to cycle through the lines and then adjusting them with the W/S keys


  • Improved visibility when adjusting sail trim


  • Tactical view is back.
  • Improved Japanese text size in places it was super small
  • Fixed issue with v-sync disabling when Sailaway lost focus

If you have a bug you’d like to report, please follow the guide for ‘how to report a bug’ and post a new thread in the Bug Reporting Forum.

Thanks for the continued support!

Happy Sailing,

The Sailaway Team

The Sailaway transition to Steam has begun

Hello Pioneers,

With today’s game update we have begun the transition previously mentioned to move all Sailaway players over to Steam.

We will be adding a Steam key to all existing accounts that have previously purchased Sailaway via this site and you will be able to find this in the My Products page of your account. Should you not see your Steam key here please contact the support team via the contact page and we will help.

For players that have never used Steam before you can find a guide on using it here: https://www.sailawaysimulator.com/steam/
his guide will explain how to install the Steam client, how to create a Steam account and how to redeem your Steam key.

Progress will be carried over to your Steam account, when you first login to the Steam version of the game you will see this screen:

Existing players need to use the login panel on the right hand side as this will link your current account progress with your Steam account.

If anyone encounters any issues with this process please get in contact with the support team and we will do our best to get any issues resolved as fast as we can.


The Sailaway Team

Moving Sailaway to Steam

Hello Pioneers,

When we first decided to put Sailaway on sale we made the decision to both support the game via Steam and direct through a stand-alone installer so that we could cater for all potential customer types we might receive in the sailing and gaming world alike.

In theory this was a good plan but it has become apparent over the last couple of weeks that creating 2x PC and 2x Mac versions with every new release is both a lot of work and more importantly a slow process for anyone not on the Steam version.

Non-Steam users are all well aware of the frustration of having to download 3GB(PC)/8GB(MAC) versions each time we release a new version of the game, this current system is unwieldy for players and ourselves.  

Steam users however typically get automatic small updates of maybe a couple of megabytes due to how it only updates changed files, this is much faster for everyone involved and allows us to fix issues critical issues much faster.

So what does this mean? Well, after much discussion we have decided that it makes good sense to ask all players to move over to the Steam version of the game so that we can support and update everyone equally under one version of the game.

This means anyone that has so far purchased the non-Steam version of the game will be provided with a Steam key that will allow them to add the game to their Steam account and we are working to ensure that any current progress will be carried over once you start the game via Steam.

We need a bit of time to get all of this in place but thought you should know these plans ahead of time.

Steam has many great features outside of faster automatic updates, it also supports various community features such as sharing of screenshots, guides and has integrated forums that are all accessible while playing the game, if you haven’t taken a look already it is worth having a look at the Sailaway hub: http://steamcommunity.com/app/552920.

For any users who do not know what Steam is we would suggest you check it out at: http://store.steampowered.com/about/ and even maybe make a free account while you are there in preparation.  We will be providing a step-by-step guide on how you do this later so don’t worry if it doesn’t make sense to you right now.

As always your feedback is welcome, we know this could be a big change for some people so please do comment below with any thoughts.


The Sailaway Team

Update V.0.9004 – More bugs fixed & some improvements!

Hello Pioneers!

What a week!
The feedback has been flooding in since we launched Sailaway last week and it’s hard to keep up with all wonderful ideas you all have, this is exactly why we wanted to release in Early Access.

Post launch work has been mostly about fixing as many bugs as we can but we have also squeezed in some little improvements.

Version 0.9004 is rolling out now and contains:

  • Fixed the issue where individual boat voyages were not loading correctly.
  • Fixed the wrong tool-tips being shown on the options menus.
  • Fixed the issue with the VMG and VMC values being inverted.
  • Fixed some missing localisation strings.
  • Fixed some sounds not being effected by the volume controls.
  • Replaced tutorial about planning voyages to try and make this feature clearer.
  • Removed ‘Start Practice Race’ and ‘Teleport to Start’ buttons from UI when being a member of someones crew.
  • Crew members should now be able to see race buoys on the map and in the world.
  • Improved the handling of multiple crew members using boat controls.
  • Added further Intel based fixes for the ‘underwater bug’.
  • Fixed issues with some Steam users not appearing in the online players list.
  • Muted channels now reappear when selecting them from the dropdown box.
  • Added player info to the boats on the map; hovering over a boat on the map will show the player name, boat name and home port. Clicking on this will show you their profile.
  • We have removed the external dependency we were using for land textures that led to them all turning white. Land textures are now controlled internally by the game while we improve this area of the game.

This update is live now for both Steam and non-Steam versions, Steam will automatically update your version and everyone else can grab the latest game client from the My Products section of your account.

Thanks for the continued support!

Happy Sailing,

The Sailaway Team

Update V.0.9003 – Hot fix plus some fixes

Hello Pioneers!

We are aware that new users are currently having problems starting the game, this was down to an issue with the login screen that we have found and fixed.

This means we are rolling out v.0.9003 a little earlier than we would like but we need to get this fixed so here is what this build contains:

Login fix for new users (sorry again!)

  • Fix for the sailing underwater bug that some Intel users receive.
  • Some extra graphics resolution fixes
  • Added extra mouse invert options
  • Added hot keys for map zoom (+ and -)
  • Added hot keys for swapping lines (Q and E)
  • Added hot key to show/hide UI (Ctrl + Shift + U)

Apologies to the new Sailaway players, this is not how we wanted our first impression to be!

Version 0.9.003 is available to download via Steam and your account page on this website (My Account – > My Products)


The Sailaway Team